XYZ Extreme Anchor- Modular Design

The Design of the Extreme enables 360° rotation. Even when pulled from 170° backwards, the XYZ will rotate horizontally and continue to set deep.
Distributing most of the weight backward by extending long thick and heavy blade’s surface (Distance A) and reducing distance between shackle point and front fluke’s tip (Distance B) enables excessive force to be transferred at the front fluke’s sharp point. Force on the front tip (on the 11kg/23lbs XYZ) is equal to about force on average anchor of 45kg/100bs.

Technical Specifications

Shank:Stainless Steel 2205 – Mirror Polished
Saw Blade:Stainless Steel 17-4PH (H900 hardened) – Satin Finish
Fluke:Stainless Steel 316L – Satin Finish
or Marine Grade Aluminum – Satin Finish
XYZ Extreme stainless steelBoat Length*Shackle SizeChain Size/Min. LengthThree-Strand Nylon Rope Size
23 lbs / 11kgUp to 46’/14M3/8”/10mm – 7/16”/12mm5/16” – 7/16”
12’/4 M
3/4”/20mm – 1”/25mm
18 lbs / 8kgUp to 33’/13M1/4”/6mm – 3/8”/10mm1/4”- 5/16 12’ /4 M5/8”/16mm
XYZ Extreme stainless steel w/aluminum flukeBoat Length*Shackle SizeChain Size/Min. LengthThree-Strand Nylon Rope Size
13.5 lbs / 6kgUp to 46’/14M3/8”/10mm – 7/16”/12mm5/16” – 7/16”
12’/4 M
3/4”/20mm – 1”/25mm
XYZ Extreme stainless steel stainless steel w/aluminum flukeLengthWidthHightUsable Fluke Surface AreaFluke Thickness
Stainles 23 bs / 11 kg23”/585mm20”/502mm12.25”/344mm1146cm2/177”23/8”/10mm
Stainles 18 bs / 8 kg16 3/4”/425mm16”/423mm12.25”/344mm772cm2/120”23/8”/10mm
Stainless with aluminum fluke 13.5 lbs / 6kg23”/585mm20”/502mm12.25”/344mm1146cm2/177”23/8”/10mm

*Suggested anchor weight/boat size is limited for use on a good anchoring bottom such as deep and consistent sand, mud and clay. Boat size recommendations are for boats of average windage and proportions in 35 knots of wind, average good bottom conditions, and moderate protection from open seas. Note that the loads in 43 knots of wind are twice as much as in 30 knots.


Important notes:

The setting and holding ability of ANY anchor is not only a function of anchor size, weight and design; it is also a function of the seabed surface and its substance. Some seabed surfaces offer poor holding to ANY anchor. *Anchor weight/boat size suggestions are based on good anchoring bottoms such as deep consistent sand, mud and clay.

Performance data for XYZ anchors are also based on using appropriate size rode for the anchor weight and boat length. XYZ Marine Products does not grant any warranty on holding power or performance.

Testing to failure was done using various 11 lbs/5kg – 32lbs/15kg XYZ anchors. In the USA, tests were done on deep consistent and/or mixed sand, at numerous locations in Long Island Sound, NY. We used a 45’/15 ton, 400HP fishing boat. The boat is owned by Captain Jim McGinness, who witnessed all the testing. Similar tests have been done on the Croatian Adriatic with boats up to 1000 HP. Tests were done with high RPM achieving sudden impact to the anchor that was properly set. Several times we broke 3/4“/20mm (rated at 13,000 lbs/6 ton) three- strand twisted Nylon rope. We also broke 3/8”/10mm stainless steel cable wire and 5/16”/8mm chain. Of all of the rhode materials, chain was the hardest to break! After repeatedly testing to rhode failure, the XYZ anchor was carefully inspected. IT SUFFERED NO DAMAGE OR DEFORMATION!

*The XYZ urge mariners, whenever possible, to avoid anchoring in living coral to avoid damaging this important ecosystem.
Because of continued product improvement, XYZ reserves the right to make changes without notice.
USA Patent # 5,469,802 USA and International Patent Pending