XYZ Boat Anchor's Saw Cutting Blade Detail

The XYZ boat anchor's saw cutting blade is machined, with precision, from a solid plate of a 17-4PH stainless steel. This metal is used by US Navy, NASA and in the aerospace industry for demanding applications. Very high yield strength (up to 1100-1300 Mpa 160-190 ksi - hardened (H900) - Rockwel 48) can be achieved.

Bottom view
Machined with precision from 3/8”/10mm
17-4PH stainless steel hardened (H900) - Rockwel 48) solid plate.
Connection between the shank and the fluke is made with 4
OVERSIZED 18-8 stainless steel machine screws. (1/2”/13mm - on 33lbs/15kg).

Each screw is capable of holding 2 (two) large, male 6 Ton African elephants.
Bottom view
Bottom view
The sharp saw cutting blade enables very fast setting and penetration through hard bottoms: slippery weeds, corals*, small rocks etc.
Top view

Q: How important is the new Cutting-Edge Saw Blade?

A: We, at XYZ, believe that the Cutting-Edge Saw Blade is the MAJOR BREAKTHROUGH that will revolutionize design of the boat anchors. This technology enables even a small boat anchor to penetrate in hard bottoms. That was, until now, possible only with very large and heavy boat anchors. The Cutting Saw Blade is sharp and made of 17-4PH precipitation-hardened stainless steel.

*The XYZ urge mariners, whenever possible, to avid anchoring in living coral to avoid damaging this important ecosystem.