We have designed the ultimate boat anchor.

XYZ Extreme®

Modular design:
Stainless Steel or Stainless Steel with Aluminum fluke

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for Stainless Steel XYZ Anchors


We are proud to introduce the new XYZ Extreme Anchor version. Modular design enables fluke made of the 316L stainless steel or aluminum (anodized black or satin). The front saw blade is always made of stainless steel. The new XYZ also comes in complete one part fluke made of 316L or extra strong 17-4PH stainless steel.

XYZ Extreme Anchor is made with precision and has a stunning appearance.


By ELIMINATING OBSOLETE ELEMENTS such as ROLL BAR, HEAVY, LONG SHANK and HEAVY FRONT BALLAST, the Extreme is engineered to enhance the most fundamental features: ultra large, heavy and sharp FLUKE SURFACE and ULTRA SHORT AND STRONG SHANK. These innovations enable almost 80% of the boat anchor’s weight to be in the fluke surface – the only anchor part that produces holding power!

The design features force the XYZ anchor to set almost instantly in demanding anchoring bottoms - EXTREMELY DEEP for ultimate holding power, and HOLD regardless of angle of pull. Once set, even under the most adverse conditions, the Extreme boat anchor will NOT BREAKOUT. XYZ WILL HOLD! The holding power exceeds the strength of the rode and most other hardware. Cutting-Edge Saw Blade enables cutting through hard to penetrate bottoms: slippery weeds, corals*, small rocks etc.

The 6th XYZ boat anchor generation, the Extreme boat anchor, is being built upon an already proven superior product that was RATED #1 in the major recent USA independent anchor tests.

* Practical Sailor Magazine


* The American
Bureau of Shipping

* PowerBoat Reports

The USA Most Authoritative
Maritime Publication -
Practical Sailor -
Anchor Test 2006/2008:

“XYZ is our best choice”
“BEST Holding Power &
EXCELLENT Setting Rating”
“We awarded it a top pick
based on its performance”
“performed superbly”
“The Extreme anchors performed
well at the new site, reaffirming
the design’s efficiency in terms of
“these anchors are obviously very effective”
“These anchors offer surprising holding power in a light package”


NO Roll-Bar

NO Heavy, Long, and Bendable Shank

NO Heavy Front Ballast

NO Welding- Easily Assembled in Minutes

SPECIAL: Demo XYZ Anchors Models on SALE
DEMO XYZ anchors were never used and are just
slightly scratched during shipping or on the boat shows.
Please call or write for more information.

*The XYZ urge mariners, whenever possible, to avoid anchoring in living coral to avoid damaging this important ecosystem.
Because of continued product improvement, XYZ reserves the right to make changes without notice.
USA Patent # 5,469,802 USA and International Patent Pending